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We offer a wide range of handheld sound and vibration measurement instruments.

Please have a look at our datasheets and feel free to contact us for any question.


912 AE     4-channel sound and vibration meter 912AEds.pdf
SV06 / SV08  
943A        class 2 sound level meter 943A.pdf
945A        class 1 sound level meter 945Ads.pdf
946A        vibration meter 946Ads.pdf
947A        Sound and vibration level meter 947dsn.pdf
949A        battery operated sound and vibration level meter 949.pdf

SVAN PC Software

The Software is available for free download.

For SVAN 943 Text Display you need another software version. Please contact us for this software.


Click here to download SvanPC v. 2.4y (RS232 interface)
Click here to download SvanPC v. 2.5s (both RS232 & USB)
Click here to download USB driver v. 1.3.1 separately

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